The Hamer Sprout Fund

Apply For Funding


Each year, the Hamer Sprout Fund will consider applications from organisations that share the fund’s goals. We are particularly interested in giving to smaller organisations and projects to get them off the ground. Please contact us with your ideas and projects – we would love to discuss them with you.

The mission of the Hamer Family Sprout Fund is “to build communities inspired to take action for a sustainable future”.

Our aim is to support projects and organisations that:

  • Promote innovation in environmental education
  • Facilitate engagement in environmental action
  • Advocate for environmental sustainability
  • Foster collaboration between young people engaged in environmental leadership

Available Funding

Funds for the Sprout Grants are raised through the fundraising activities of the Hamer Sprout Fund and the Hamer Family Fund.

A total of $25,000 is available for the Sprout Grants each year. Up to $5,000 is available per project, however more (up to $10,000) may be awarded in exceptional circumstances.

Groups or individuals may submit more than one application if they have a number of eligible projects. However, preference may be given to applicants that have not already been allocated a grant within the current funding round.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be applied in awarding Sprout Grants: 

  • Alignment with the Sprout Fund’s aim and objectives;
  • Clearly defined project methodology, aims and outcomes;
  • The ability of the group to undertake the project successfully e.g. has thought been given to the ongoing maintenance of the project? Is the project within the skill level of the group?
  • A complete and realistic budget has been provided.


You are eligible for a Sprout Grant if you are…

  • An individual, organisation and/or community group.
  • Not-for-profit.
  • Offering activities, programs, projects and events to the general community without discrimination or restriction.
  • Demonstrating some level of fundraising and financial contribution to your activities, programs, projects and events (which may include financial or in-kind assistance that might be obtained from other parties in the form of support or sponsorship).
  • Tax deductible – Grants can only be made to charitable entities which are endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as having “Deductible Gift Recipients” (DGR) AND Tax Concession Charity (TCC) status. The requirements for DGR status are set by the ATO. For more information about DGR and TCC status see An organisation’s name or ABN can be used to search the Australian Government’s online Australian Business Register to check details of its DGR and TCC endorsements.

You are ineligible for a Sprout Grant if you are:

  • A registered business and / or profit making organisation.
  • Seeking retrospective funding for activities, programs, projects and events that have already started or have been completed.
  • Requesting funding that would otherwise be covered by insurance.

Application Process

Application for project funding from the Hamer Sprout Fund should be made in the attached application form.  The proposal should clearly state:

  • Objectives
  • Timeline
  • Project / Service outline
  • Target audience
  • Financial requirements and budget
  • Criteria and targets for measurement of results
  • Alignment with Hamer Sprout Fund’s aims and objectives

Assessment Process

The allocation of grants will be based on merit, need and benefit to the environment and community.

Grant applications will be examined by a selection committee comprised of relevant members of the Hamer Sprout Fund who will assess the applications in relation to the objectives, selection criteria and guidelines of the grants program as outlined in this document. If necessary, further information may be sought from the applicants to assist with the assessment process. A report with recommendations for the allocation of grant funding will then be submitted for consideration and approval by the Australian Communities Foundation.

Funding is provided by the Australian Communities Foundation, acting on the recommendation of the Hamer Sprout Fund.

Once grant recipients have been selected and approved, a letter will be sent to the nominated contact person informing them of the outcome of their application.

Application Closing Date

The closing date for Hamer Sprout Fund Grant applications is 30 September each year. The Sprout Fund committee will endeavour to respond to all applicants within two months.

Please download the Hamer Sprout Fund grant guidelines here

Please download the Hamer Sprout Fund application form here.